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My name is Sebastiano Bresolin and I am an Italian Certified Google Ads Specialist.

My background comes from Traditional and Digital Marketing while I was a Product Manager. Meanwhile I have obtained a Master DIploma in Innovation Management in CUOA Business School in Italy. After it I chose to master my favourite promotional tool: Google Ads (AdWords).
I have a Master Degree in Industrial Chemistry and I believe in the scientific approach while using creativity. When I start a promotional campaign I always need to understand who is the target and how I can satisfy our customers in detail.


I follow the cycle of Research, Hypothesis, Experiment and Analyze Datas.


I learned how to market products during the five years I worked as a Product Manager.


I can create multilanguage campaigns in: Italian, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

My Approach


A lot of effort to start with the right Keywords strategy with a solid negative keyword list!


Constant analysis can guarantee to understand what are the directions to take..


Optimization of Quality Score (QS), Click-Thorugh-Rate (CTR) and Cost-per-Acquisition (CPA)

AdBastisan my Approach


AdWords is experimental and constantly changing. A/B Testing is necessary to verify ipothesis,


Connect Analytics with AdWords and track conversions, verify the conversions of your clicks or phone calls.


Weekly/ Monthly reports to give give you an exhaustive feedback

Main tools

Google Ads, WordPress (Elementor), SEMRush, Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica.


Sebastiano is an mindful marketer, he takes care of all the most technical aspects of the campaigns, he is meticulous as required from the scientific world. It has a complete overview of the company, with particular attention to the continuous improvement of all aspects concerning digital channels. Over time it has become a fundamental contributor in all our projects. His opinion is essential in all choices regarding the strategies to be adopted. Essential resource in all projects that want to grow, especially if they are facing a digital transformation.
Paolo Cappa
CEO of Medical Town
Sebastiano has helped me to setup several campaigns in an ongoing account. I have to say that he has a sharp intuition for new strategies. He always tries something different that can lead to new solutions. It is always available to receive and give feedbacks. He likes challenges and takes care of any campaign like if they were promoting his own business.
Gianmatteo Zanca
SEO & SEM Expert
Proactive, responsible, efficient and result-oriented person. Sebastiano took control from the very first moment to configure the google adwords campaign that I needed for a new carsharing service that we offer.I would definitely recommend Sebastiano to any company or brand that needs to improve its results and capture new leads.
Belén Larraz
Funder of Muvon Palma
Saved me a lot of money that I would have otherwise wasted, and got very good results, with Google Ad strategy. Certified and experienced. Sebastiano really worked to help me get the best results - he experimented well with optimizing as best as possible, and delivered in a timely fashion.
Loretta Wollering
Funder of Tai Chi Gala


If you are searching to improve your business, Google Ads can be a very powerful tool! 

It is:

    • Scalable
    • Measurable
    • Flexible
    • Fast results
    • Easy to remarket
    • More control over SEO.

Think about, what do you do when you are searching for some infos… you google it!

Imagine that Google provides a lot of services and all of them are accessible for free to anybody.
97% of Google Inc. revenues come from Ads, not bad…

Ads is very delicate tool! It is easy to spend huge amount of money without results if Google Ads is not well mastered. A Good Ads Specialist knows how to

  • Structure the campaigns
  • Make a proper keywords research
  • Make a solid negative keyword research to avoid bad traffic
  • Write a an effective ad copy
  • Track results
  • Helps you to improve the landing page/s
  • Check for click frauds
  • He is always focused on A/B testing for constant improvement.

Hiring a Google Ads Specialist can help you to achieve better and faster results and it would cost less in a long run. Meanwhile there is always someone that makes constant improvements and updates to your account.

I always strive to understand how the purchasing process is working to create effective funnels and match company’s goals. I enjoy to analyze different businesses and I always think how one campaign can help another.

I offer you a FREE AUDIT and I can suggest what can be my strategy to help your business.

My only purpose is to satisfy my customers.

Here are my Services on the Google Search Network:

Free Ads Account / Website Audits
Account Setup / Restructure
Keyword Research (available in 4 languages)
Solid Negative Keywords Research
Ad Writing / Optimization
Extensions Setup
Remarketing Setup
Bid Strategy Management
Geo Targeting & Ad Scheduling
A/B Test
QS, CTR, CPA Optimization
Conversion & Phone Calls Tracking
Monthly / Weekly Reporting

Let’s speak together
…and understand how to improve your ROI.

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